REDWOOD CITY, CA – Sept. 19, 2018 – TigerGraph, the world’s fastest graph analytics platform for the enterprise, today announced a new graph analytic systems industry benchmark report as well as its Neo4j Migration Toolkit. The report findings demonstrate TigerGraph’s superiority in terms of speed at scale compared to several other popular graph solutions. As more organizations adopt TigerGraph, the company’s new Cypher support enables developers to experience the scale, efficiency and power of TigerGraph by migrating their Cypher queries in just a matter of hours within TigerGraph’s modern graph query language, GSQL.

Leading the Pack in Scalability and Performance

Independent survey research identifies scalability as the #1 area of concern among graph database users. As the market need for powerful graph analytics continues, system scalability is a key priority - especially given the growing complexity and massive sizes of data today.

The study, “Benchmarking Graph Analytic Systems,” considers TigerGraph’s scalability - along with data loading and query performance, comparing it to Neo4j, Amazon Neptune, JanusGraph and ArangoDB. A copy of the free report is available at:

Key TigerGraph benchmark findings include:

Fast Tiger. For a 2-hop neighborhood query, TigerGraph is more than 40x faster than Neo4j, with this performance difference increasing with more hops. Compared to Amazon Neptune, TigerGraph is at least 57x faster. 

Scalable Tiger. TigerGraph supports true distributed graphs, with unlimited scale out - unlike Neo4j, Amazon Neptune and other solutions considered in the benchmark report.

Powerful Tiger. The world’s only Native Parallel Graph, TigerGraph offers the best performance for loading, storing and querying data compared to other graph solutions. 

“Today’s graph data sets are getting bigger, with more complex analytics requirements. Processing their relationships can place a burden on I/O infrastructures, memory requirements and processing power,” said Dr. Yu Xu, CEO and founder, TigerGraph. “Powered by enterprise-class native parallel and distributed graph design, TigerGraph makes it possible to quickly build, analyze and maintain complex graphs - supporting trend analysis, pattern recognition and computation on more detailed data sets. As the graph database market accelerates, total cost of ownership becomes a major consideration. TigerGraph, with its unmatched performance and scalability, supports workloads 50 times larger or more on the same hardware compared to the competition.”

TigerGraph Introduces Neo4j Migration Toolkit

The Migration Toolkit enables Neo4j developers to leverage their Cypher investments by transforming their Cypher queries into GSQL - the most complete query language on the market. GSQL is a Turing-complete, easy-to-use, SQL-like graph query language with built-in parallelism. Unlike other options, GSQL supports pressing business needs for enterprises and government organizations, by providing a modern query language for complex graph analytics. 

“GSQL is the conceptual descendant of SQL, Cypher, Gremlin, MapReduce and SPARQL, so adding support of Cypher in GSQL was a natural step,” said Dr. Alin Deutsch, chief scientist, TigerGraph. “We continue to see organizations adopt TigerGraph after running into performance bottlenecks using other solutions. TigerGraph is the faster and more scalable alternative for users currently on or considering Neo4j, and we invite developers to see the difference themselves.”

“IceKredit considered several solutions, including Neo4j, to power our machine learning and AI applications,” said Dr. Lingyu Gu, CEO, IceKredit. “We selected TigerGraph for its superior data warehousing speed and computational processing capacity, which improved performance by an
order of magnitude. The result is drastic enhancement of our response speeds as we deliver credit evaluations to our customers.”

Availability of TigerGraph’s Neo4j Migration Toolkit and Cypher support is scheduled for October. For details and pricing, contact

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