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Expand the Data Analytics Capabilities of Snowflake with TigerGraph

For Snowflake customers, storing data in the cloud makes all the sense due to low operational cost as well as deep support for analytics for tabular data. However, not all data can be analyzed using SQL querying capabilities. If the data has a lot of connections, the relational data model can be a big disadvantage from both analytical capabilities as well as a performance perspective.

Enter TigerGraph: The only enterprise-ready Graph analytics platform meets the leading cloud-native Data Warehouse.

TigerGraph, the only scalable graph database for the enterprise, expands your Snowflake data warehouse’s data and analytics capabilities. TigerGraph delivers broader insight into all the relationships from your data, not just tabular data. TigerGraph and Snowflake are a powerful combination as illustrated by the two of Gartner’s Top Ten Trends in Data and Analytics from recent years (Cloud-based Data Warehouse and Graph Database Analytics).

Read the Datasheet and Download the Connector