REDWOOD CITY, CA - October 24, 2017 - TigerGraph, creator of the world’s first and only native parallel graph database platform for enterprise applications, today announced the addition of role- and view-based security to its Native Parallel Graph (NPG) platform. The new feature delivers enhanced security, enabling enterprises to create and administer access to subgraphs on a single cluster for controlled data access.

Enterprises continue to adopt graph analytics for real-time business insight into their colossal amounts of data. However organizations - especially those operating with a high level of compliance - need control over which individuals and business units can access different parts of this data.

TigerGraph’s security feature makes it simple for departments to define access to specific areas of a data set. This is achieved through the creation of subgraphs representing a subset of the vertices and edges in a graph. Each subgraph has its own administrator, can overlap with other subgraphs as needed, and can be treated in the same way as one, standalone physical graph database. 

Benefits include less effort and cost for administrators, who are able to support controlled data access across departments - all with only one physical cluster system to manage. The security feature also helps organizations to speed up research and development efforts as business units can administer data access within their domain, via role-based access control, as well as gain value from real-time analytics delivered by TigerGraph. Further, cost of data integration is greatly reduced or eliminated as enterprise data is structured as one, multi-view graph. Data is integrated into one system, all while maintaining proper security measures.

“TigerGraph is the only graph solution providing this level of security,” said Yu Xu, CEO and founder, TigerGraph. “Enterprises have flexibility to maintain their overall data schema and data access policies, all while delegating local control to individual business units for their own data. The new feature enables groups to access the same data set, for improved efficiency. TigerGraph makes it easier than ever for global organizations determined to maintain the highest levels of compliance.”

TigerGraph’s new security feature will be generally available to customers in Q4 2017. For more information, visit: tigergraph/

Today’s announcement comes on the heels of TigerGraph’s emergence from stealth with $31M in Series A funding last month. The company also announced general availability of the TigerGraph platform - the world’s only Native Parallel Graph technology for enterprise applications, along with its Cloud Service and GraphStudio, TigerGraph’s visual software development kit (SDK).

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