Webinar: Supply-Chain Optimisation Using Native Parallel Graphs

Recorded February, 26 2020 

Supply chain excellence is easier to say than to measure. Supply chains are extensive and complex and the difference between success and failure lies in an ability to reduce operational disruption, increase site reliability, improve supplier relationships, and support plant operations in a cost-effective manner. For a supply chain leader having a clear definition is the starting point to drive improvement. Without clarity it is very difficult to define an effective operating strategy. 

Richard Henderson, lead EMEA Solution Architect, will show you how TigerGraph can add graph-analytic capabilities to your supply-chain intelligence. In 20 minutes he will use the unique capabilities of TigerGraph to go from data integration through to extraction of high-value intelligence using your existing data-sets. He will also examine how to rapidly produce high-value analysis suitable for directly integrating with standard BI tooling such as Tableau and Looker.