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TigerGraph is the first system capable of real-time analytics on big data, delivering the next stage in the evolution of the graph database. Our Native Parallel Graph™ (NPG) design focuses on storage and computation, supporting real-time graph updates and offering built-in parallel computation. The leading graph solution is considerably slower than TigerGraph. In benchmark tests, the TigerGraph NPG can continuously load data 50x faster than the other solution, in real-time.

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  • Create real-time graphs with built-in parallel computation
  • Perform deep link analytics, revealing new insights
  • View your data graphically in GraphStudio, our graphical UI
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About TigerGraph


TigerGraph is the winner of the 2018 Strata award for Most Disruptive Startup. TigerGraph is the world’s fastest graph analytics platform designed to unleash the power of interconnected data for deeper insights and better outcomes. TigerGraph fulfills the true promise and benefits of the graph platform by tackling the toughest data challenges in real time, no matter how large or complex the dataset.