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PartnerGraph Webinar: Publicis Sapient

Supply Chain and Logistics Management with Graph Databases and AI

Recorded July 8, 2021

Manufacturers face great challenges dealing with enormous amounts of parts, components and materials needing to be sourced from a great variety of globally distributed vendors, then processed and assembled in many stages, making it exponentially difficult to trace them from origin to final product. This also includes logistics, i.e. transport types, locations, duration, cost, and more. 

By leveraging graph database technology to gain transparency across relevant complex and widely distributed data, combined with predictive analytics, these companies can effectively address these challenges, while also optimizing production planning to ensure parts availability, minimize quality fallouts and improve overall assembly and delivery.

By attending this webinar you will learn:

  • Relevant industry applications and use cases
  • Examples of relevant graphs (supply chain, warranty, logistics)
  • The approach to implementing a graph solution.


Amadeus Tunis, VP, Data & Analytics, Publicis Sapient

David Ronald, Product Marketing Director, TigerGraph