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PartnerGraph Webinar: Eden Smith

Improving Data Science Skills and Training with Graph Analytics
Recorded May 13, 2021 

Data science is a complex discipline and requires a broad set of skills. Data scientists need to be familiar with a broad variety of analytical methodologies, be fluent with statistical modeling, be able to program in different languages, and much more. Data science, moreover, is an evolving discipline and change is a given.

In this webinar hear Nicholas Deveney, Director of Consulting and Emerging Technologies, Eden Smith, describe ways to address these challenges—including developing models that enable organizations to build upon, and enrich, the knowledge of employees. Chris George, TigerGraph’s Director of Alliances and Partnerships, will join Nicholas to explain why graph analytics is ideally suited to informing the next-best-actions for upscaling teams.


Nicholas Deveney, Director of Consulting and Emerging Technologies, Eden Smith

Chris George, Director of EMEA Channel, Alliances and Partnerships

David Ronald (Moderator), Product Marketing Director, TigerGraph