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PartnerGraph Webinar: Accenture

Combating Financial Crime with Graph Analytics

Recorded June 10, 2021 

Combating fraud and meeting regulatory requirements for AML demand smarter, faster, and more dynamic tools and solutions. Legacy rules-based systems have limited the efficacy of anti-money laundering detection and investigation—hidden financial crime risks were often left undetected, and investigations became overly complicated, time-consuming, and inefficient.

Attend this webinar to hear Heather Adams, Accenture’s Global Financial Crimes Subject Matter Advisor describe common industry trends and challenges and offer experience on how to tackle them. Michael Shaler, TigerGraph’s Vice President of Partnerships, will join Heather to explain how graph databases offer a more modern, intelligent, and streamlined approach to KYC(C) and AML.


Heather Adams, Managing Director, Resilience Risk & Trust, Accenture

Chris George, Director - EMEA Channel, Alliances and Partnerships, TigerGraph

David Ronald (Moderator), Product Marketing Director, TigerGraph