REDWOOD CITY, CA - Feb. 13, 2019 - TigerGraph, the world’s fastest graph analytics platform for the enterprise, today announced that OpenCorporates, the world’s largest open database of companies, has chosen TigerGraph as its backend graph database. The move enables OpenCorporates to better support investigative queries over its open database containing records on more than 170 million companies.

“OpenCorporates is dedicated to making information on companies more usable and widely available for the public benefit, particularly to bring to light instances of criminal or anti-social activity - such as corruption, money laundering and organized crime,” said Chris Taggart, CEO, OpenCorporates. “As our work continues and our data grows, we had challenges scaling our data to meet our business needs. TigerGraph’s excellent scalability and performance enables us to achieve things we previously could not do, and to better support ongoing investigative work in the process.” 

OpenCorporates’ mission is to make information on the world’s companies more usable and accessible for the public benefit. The organization enables web-based search and offers a number of tools to data journalists via its Application Programming Interface (API) to help them find, extract and connect large numbers of companies in automated workflows.

The result is substantially reduced time, better performance and the ability for deeper analysis (multi-hop) to support investigative tasks, as users can leverage automation with simple computer scripts to uncover tremendous hidden connections within data in OpenCorporates’ ever-expanding datasets. OpenCorporates has contributed to a number of groundbreaking investigations, including the Panama Papers (ICIJ), and most recently Narco-a-Lago: Money Laundering at the Trump Ocean Club (Global Witness) and London Property: A Top Destination for Money Launderers (Transparency International).

OpenCorporates compared TigerGraph to other graph databases using a sample set of 17 million nodes and 10 million edges on a single machine. TigerGraph offered superior support for the following must-have query requirements:

  • Degrees of separation: Support for queries of up to five degrees of separation between entities with real-time response times - a capability that was becoming increasingly difficult for OpenCorporates.
  • Siblings: Support for sibling queries with real-time response times, to help answer questions like, “What else does the parent of a given company own?”
  • Up the chain only: Enables users to see what entities exist up the chain only for any given company, with real-time response times.
  • Temporal graph search: Users can ascertain if a relationship existed for a particular time frame. They can search what entities have been created from a particular date, and remove all old relationships from their query - not possible with Neo4j.
  • Active vs. dead relationships: Supports queries on a given network to see what relationships are active vs. dead, so that each one can be filtered out of the query accordingly, a feature that wasn’t possible with Neo4j.

“The potential of public benefit from OpenCorporates’ database on hundreds of millions of global corporations and their associates is remarkable,” said Dr. Yu Xu, CEO and founder, TigerGraph. “OpenCorporates was challenged with achieving must-have requirements that were impossible previously. By switching to TigerGraph, OpenCorporates is able to meet these needs. The result is powering the future of investigative journalism by unveiling even more data connections and insights.”

TigerGraph offers the world’s fastest graph analytics platform that tackles the toughest data challenges in real time, no matter how large or complex the data set. TigerGraph stores all data sources in a single, unified multiple-graph store that can scale out and up easily and efficiently to explore, discover and predict relationships. Unlike traditional graph databases, TigerGraph can scale for real-time multi-hop queries to trillions of relationships.

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About TigerGraph

TigerGraph is the world’s fastest graph analytics platform. Based on the industry’s first Native and Parallel Graph technology, TigerGraph unleashes the power of interconnected data, offering organizations deeper insights and better outcomes. TigerGraph fulfills the true promise and benefits of the graph platform by tackling the toughest data challenges in real time, no matter how large or complex the dataset. TigerGraph’s proven technology supports applications such as IoT, AI and machine learning to make sense of ever-changing big data, and is used by customers including China Mobile, Intuit, VISA, Wish and Zillow. The company is headquartered in Redwood City, CA, and is backed by investors including the founders of Yahoo!, Walmart Labs, DCVC and Morado Ventures. Follow TigerGraph on Twitter at @TigerGraphDB or visit

About OpenCorporates

OpenCorporates is the largest open database of companies in the world, and an essential tool for business, governments and society at large. The primary aim is to create a global archive of publicly available records about companies for wider public benefit, including countering money laundering, corruption, fraud and organised crime.

OpenCorporates’ data has been central to a number of groundbreaking investigations, including the ICIJ’s Panama and Paradise Papers, Thomson Reuters and Transparency International’s investigation into money laundering in the London property market, and Global Witness’ investigations into money laundering at Trump Ocean Club, Panama and the Myanmar Jade industry.


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