MultiGraph for Security and Profit: One Dataset, Multiple Views

Speaker: Victor Lee, Director of Product Management, TigerGraph

Enterprises have many different datasets and for each one, they need to manage who can see and work with the data. Managing multiple systems is an expensive and burdensome problem. TigerGraph’s new MultiGraph feature not only supports multiple separately managed subgraphs, but it also supports overlapping (shared) subgraphs.

This opens up exciting new use cases previmultigraph_1440.pngously not possible with graph databases or even some traditional database systems:

  • Multiple Tenancy: several completely separate data sets, each with its own set of users. Each user community is unaware of the other user communities or other data sets.
  • Overlapping graphs: Graphs can partially overlap, to enable a combination of shared and private data.
  • Fine-grained privileges on the same set of data: In a single graph scheme with basic role-based access control, there is no way to say "Query X can be run by some users but not by others." Using multiple graphs defined over the same set of data, each graph can have its own set of queries and own set of users, in effect customizing who can run which queries.

Watch the webinar to learn about TigerGraph 2.0 which introduces improved performance and security along with MultiGraph.

Recorded March 1, 2018