Managing Risk In Turbulent Economic Times With Graph AnalyticsThe COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly affected the global economy. Every major country is in the process of implementing social distancing measures, leading to a sharp drop in the demand for goods and services. Additionally, disruptions to the supply chain are negatively impacting manufacturing from Asia to Europe to the Americas. Fortunately, graph analytics can help. 

This executive brief explains how graph analytics can be used to address these problem areas:

  • Cash flow limitations and resulting liquidity crunch for small businesses - some small businesses have sufficient cash for 10 days or so without the daily revenue influx 
  • Excessive debt and corresponding risks for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers - prior to the pandemic many corporations already had a combined debt of 46.4 percent of GDP.
  • Rising short-term unemployment and household debt servicing - some economists have cautioned that unemployment could go as high as 20% in a few weeks.