Graph + AI World Keynote:

Combining World's Largest Healthcare Graph and AI to Deliver Member 360 at UnitedHealth Group

Graph + AI World Keynote - Recorded September 2020

UnitedHealth Group has developed the largest graph database in healthcare and combined it with AI to link, analyze, and make real-time care path recommendations for 50 million patients. Key highlights include:

  • Largest healthcare graph with 10+ billion vertices (entities - claims, patients, doctors) and 50+ billion edges (relationships)
  • Member(Customer) Journey application used by over 23,000 call center and other employees for never-before visibility and insights
  • Real-time AI application: similarity matching to find matching patients based on 200 features across tens of millions of population in milliseconds
  • Combine Graph Database with AI/ML to build a model to predict disease in just 8 hours

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“The value of graph, with AI algorithms on top, is that not only can we monitor an enterprise, we can predict - and that allows us to avoid problems before they happen”

Edward Sverdlin

UnitedHealth Group

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