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Recorded May 27, 2020 

Healthcare payers and providers have increased pressure from recent world health events to keep, retain, grow, and provide the best care for members. Because the member is the heart of the healthcare industry, the complexity of today's systems can create a vast maze of data and dependencies for related patient data like claims, billing, medical outcomes, customer journey, and satisfaction. The lack of real time visibility for executives and management is creating a spiral of related issues like decreased member satisfaction, rise in care costs, increased churn, claims, confusion and mis-coding, lack of positive outcomes, bottom line cost, and revenue issues.

The ability of real time analytics and insights for executives is the intersection of real time data from across different areas of patient journey: care, billing, claims and medical outcomes, and journey optimization. The complexity and stakes in healthcare have never been higher and the focus of this webinar is to identify how to directly increase accuracy and create real time decisions with streaming data connections, Graph and Machine Learning.

WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: What we can learn from new technology and real time technology systems - why SQL and current predictive approaches are falling short. Highlights how event-streaming combined with Graph technology is a potent combination when solving member journeys, member churn, claims management, tracing and relationship insights and predictive outcomes.

- Identify and Intervene to reduce member churn by more than 10% 
- Increase agility for health responses and new insights faster: tracing & relationships insights
- Cut data access time and support costs by over 20%
- Use streaming, Graph and ML to visualize preventive and predictive analytics
- Use Graph and ML for 'what if' for alternative paths, dependencies, and determination