Graph Gurus Workshop: Business User Workshop - No Code Graph Analytics

Recorded October 29, 2020 (A 2-HOUR HANDS-ON WORKSHOP)

In version 3.0, TigerGraph introduces two brand new no code tools - visual query builder and RDBMS to graph migration tool. Through simple clicks and drag-and-drop in GraphStudio UIs, these no code tools decrease the learning curve for more users, such as relational database developers, data scientists and business analysts. In this workshop, we will guide users to use no code RDBMS to Graph migration tool to auto generate graph schema and import data, and use visual query builder to construct graph patterns to query TigerGraph. In particular, we will discuss building Graph features for machine learning use cases. Additional hands-on sessions will cover more advanced features in GraphStudio and Admin Portal such as MultiGraph support and User Management.

Watch on demand and follow along with the worksheet and slides. 


Abhishek Mehta, Director of Sales Engineering, TigerGraph

Emma Liu, Senior Product Manager, TigerGraph

Steven Fuller, Senior Solutions Engineer, TigerGraph