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Graph Gurus Workshop: Double the Performance of Your Fraud Detection System with Graph and Machine Learning

Recorded January 14, 2021 

Financial transaction fraud costs hundreds of billions in losses worldwide and affects all industries as online sales became the dominant channel with the COVID-19 pandemic. Current fraud detection solutions are struggling to keep up, especially in detecting online fraud.

Join us for a hands-on workshop, where we will show you how to design a state of the art fraud detection system with graph database & machine learning:

  • A walk-through and demonstration of what analytic features can be rapidly generated by using graph analytics on modest cloud hardware
  • How the new system can dramatically improve fraud scores, find missed fraudulent activity and, reduce false-positives, in a standard machine-learning pipeline
  • Hands-on exercises to follow along and learn how to build your own solution


Szilard Barany, EMEA Pre-Sales Solution Architect
Richard Henderson, EMEA Team Lead Solution Architect