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Graph Gurus 54

Recorded July 14, 2021 

Leveraging pyTigerGraph for Big Data Analytics from Google Colab

TigerGraph is an analytical and data science platform that provides new, powerful tools for advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. These types of workflows are generally driven by data scientists who are used to certain technologies and tools that allow them to easily and effectively work with data; Python is one of them.

In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate how using pyTigerGraph, a Python Package for connecting to TigerGraph databases, along with Google Colab, will allow you as a data scientist to exploit the performance and functionality of the native, parallel graph engine and bring the results into your data models and analytical methods. You’ll learn how easy it is to set up for your machine learning projects.

We will also show how quickly you can go from data exploration to visual query building to operationalization of the insights.

pyTigerGraph was originally created by Parker Erickson, a Computer Science student at the University of Minnesota.


Dan Barkus, Developer Advocate, TigerGraph