Graph Gurus 53

Visual Insights with Graph Analytics: Tableau and TigerGraph

Recorded June 23, 2021

Business intelligence (BI) tools like Tableau enable anyone to rapidly and visually see and dive into how their enterprises are performing. Visual, interactive dashboards and reports pull and join data from tabular sources. 

Graph databases and graph analytics, which represent data as interconnected objects rather than as tables, are providing deeper insights and smarter actionable outcomes for use cases such as customer 360, entity resolution, personalization recommendation, supply chain, and anti-fraud. 

TigerGraph, in partnership with CData, has closed the gap between connection-based graph data and conventional BI tools, which engage with tabular data. Businesses such as Jaguar Land Rover are using graph analytics “under the hood” and BI dashboards for the user interface. 

In this webinar, we'll demonstrate TigerGraph's new BI connector for Tableau, the first in a family of BI connectors. We will also give a preview of TigerGraph's SQL support which enables this connector.  By attending you will:

  • Learn the one-step process to connect Tableau to TigerGraph
  • See a demonstration of graph querying & analytics and BI dashboarding & analytics from the same database
  • Get a preview of TigerGraph's SQL support


Victor Lee, Head of Product Strategy and Developer Relations, TigerGraph
Robb Horton, Senior Sales Engineer, TigerGraph