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Graph Gurus 50: Building a Comprehensive Data Lineage Solution with a Graph Database

March 26, 2021 |  9:00 AM PT (60 mins)

Data lineage discovers the movement of data from its source to destination via various changes and hops along its way. A graph database is an ideal way to analyze and represent data lineage because it models the flow better than other approaches - relationships can be traversed with ease and a graph schema evolved to accommodate new data and changes.

Attend this webinar for

  • An introduction to graph, and to gain a deeper understanding of how data lineage benefits from graph.
  • Learn how TigerGraph enables these capabilities, and see a demonstration of the advantages of using TigerGraph in data lineage use cases.

To celebrate our 50th Graph Gurus Webinar, 5 attendees will receive $50 in prizes.

Robert Horton, TigerGraph
Abhi Mehta, TigerGraph