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Graph Gurus 49: Visual Graph Analytics Using Graphistry GPU Acceleration & Graph-App-Kit

A deep dive on how data people can get going with visual graph insights and solutions for large datasets with new GPU-accelerated tools…without the heavy coding

Recorded March 10, 2021 

Graph analytics has emerged as a unique tool for dealing with the exploding volume of data with rich relationships.  Introducing graph insights has significant potential to empower teams, unlock business use cases, and multiply the return on investment around data and tooling. However, that requires doing it in a way that regular and power users can reliably  tap into the relationships in their data. Unfortunately, traditional visual graph tools  generally fail to scale to modern workloads, which prevents unlocking graph insights, and are difficult to use, which artificially limits reach.

This session introduces advancements around visual GPU graph analytics and low-code /no-code by Graphistry and Nvidia that are changing what’s possible. The result is easy point-and-click tools over large modern graph data for making business-critical graph insights and the ability to spin out new solutions quickly.

Join us on March 10 where we will walk through:

  • Examples of how regular analysts use Graphistry’s point-and-click GPU visual graph analytics for richer views of regular event data and how acceleration unlocks getting insights from bigger datasets.
  • How advanced analysts can quickly and naturally use these capabilities from familiar tools like notebooks.
  • Discussion of the low-code Python GPU ecosystem with Nvidia
  • Share the data engineer and web developer perspectives for quickly delivering powerful graph visual analytics tools with the new graph-app-kit project and embedding APIs.

Leo Meyerovich, CEO & Founder of Graphistry