Graph Gurus 47: Graph Data Science with Knowledge Graph Embeddings for Machine Learning

Recorded February 11, 2021 

As a data scientist, you might have heard of the concept of using Knowledge Graphs along with Machine Learning. Data Scientists are already using these techniques to build powerful analytics that go beyond traditional Machine Learning techniques. But, you might be wondering how, why, what, and where?

  • Why?  Is it important that I understand how Machine Learning + Graph works?
  • What? Are the benefits of incorporating Graph into Machine Learning?
  • How? Do you incorporate Machine Learning with Graphs?
  • Where? Can I go to take my first steps in Machine Learning + Graphs?
In this session, you will learn how graph machine learning can improve an organization’s Machine Learning workflow and improve your pipeline accuracy. We will go over the questions presented above and dive deep into knowledge graph embeddings to give you first-hand experience of how these techniques are being leveraged by large enterprises.


Parker Erickson, Software Engineer, Optum