Graph Gurus 46: TigerGraph Cloud and TigerGraph V3.1 Update

Recorded January 27, 2021 

Join Emma Liu and Rayees Pasha from the TigerGraph product management team to learn about the latest updates on TigerGraph Cloud and TigerGraph 3.1 Enterprise Edition.

Part 1 - TigerGraph Cloud Pricing and Feature Update 

TigerGraph Cloud adds new features and better total cost of ownership to bring Graph Analytics to everyone.

In this part, we will cover:

  • New and lowered TigerGraph Cloud pricing and how to plan the total cost of ownership for your different workloads.
  • A demonstration of the new machine learning Starter Kit, Graph Convolutional Network, and summary of starter kits that are upgraded from TigerGraph V2 to V3. 
  • Higher replication option for TigerGraph V3 for increased query throughput and availability 

Part 2 - TigerGraph 3.1 Enterprise Edition - Product Enhancements

With Version 3.1, TigerGraph is ready for the most demanding workloads with features like ‘Continuous availability’, ‘Vertex-Level Access Control’ and more. TigerGraph V3.1 features such as cross-region replication, GSQL security improvements, and Log and Security configuration management through the AdminPortal are fundamental to TigerGraph’s Cloud vision.

In this part, we will cover:

  • How TigerGraph can help customers run business-critical workloads with new fault tolerance enhancements.
  • The security improvements that allow enterprises with a large number of users to use a unified system.
  • How to  integrate data in TigerGraph with downstream BI applications.
  • How Operations staff can lower the overhead through multiple interfaces.
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