Graph Gurus 42: Accelerating Data Science with Python + TigerGraph

Recorded July 29, 2020

TigerGraph is an analytical and data science platform that provides new, powerful tools for advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. These types of workflows are generally driven by data scientists who are used to certain technologies and tools that allow them to easily and effectively work with data; Python is one of them.

In this webinar we demonstrate how pyTigerGraph provides a familiar Python interface to TigerGraph database, allowing the data scientist to exploit the performance and functionality of the native, parallel graph engine and bringing the results into their data models and analytical methods. We will also show how quickly they can go from data exploration to visual query building to operationalisation of the insights.

If you would like to visualise your graph supported findings in Jupyter, develop graph-backed Python apps, work with graphs but not ready to immediately work with GSQL, this webinar will put the right tool into your hands.


Szilard Barany, Pre-Sales Solution Architect, TigerGraph EMEA