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Graph Gurus 39: How No Code Analytics in TigerGraph 3.0 Will Help you Connect the Dots Better - GraphStudio and Admin Portal Features in Depth

Recorded June 24, 2020 

Until now, the power of graph databases and analytics has been limited to technical users - this has been an obstacle to more people being able to use graph to make the world a better place. 

The latest TigerGraph release, however, helps make graph accessible by everyone. TigerGraph 3.0, with its “no code graph analytics,” is democratizing the adoption of advanced analytics by enabling non-technical users to accomplish as much with graphs as the experts do.

In addition to the No Code Analytics in Visual Query Builder and Migrating RDBMS to Graph, MultiGraph, Internationalization, GSQL Interpreted Mode, and Secondary Index are also supported in GraphStudio in TigerGraph 3.0 release. Moreover, User and License Management are added to the Web-based Admin Portal in TigerGraph 3.0. 

By watching this webinar you will:

  • Learn how to use the No Code Migration from Relational DB to create graph schema automatically and load data to a graph. (No ETL jobs or coding needed)
  • Learn how to use No Code Graph Analytics with Visual Query Builder to produce and run graph queries simply by drawing the patterns (no need to learn graph query language)
  • Get a deep dive into TigerGraph 3.0 GraphStudio and Admin Portal new features and the architecture behind them.

This webinar will include  demos for TigerGraph 3.0 features and will help you connect the dots better in your use cases using graph analytics. 


Emma Liu, Senior Product Manager, TigerGraph