Graph Gurus 34: How Graph Databases Are Changing the Fraud Detection & Prevention Landscape for Financial Institutions 

Recorded May 13, 2020

Fraud is a growing problem. As an industry leader, you are constantly challenged with ever-increasing transaction volumes, loss of revenue due to false positives, surging operating expenses, and the challenges of complying with expanding regulatory requirements. Add to that competitive pressures and the imperative of recommending the next best actions to improve your departmental goals.

Fortunately, graph analytics can help. Graph is being used by four of the top five top banks in the world to cut costs and improve the accuracy of fraud detection and prevention at scale and in real-time. 

During this webinar we:

  • Examine how graph analytics can lower the total cost of fraud;
  • Describe how graph analytics can improve credit card fraud detection;
  • Explore the application of graph analytics to an anti-money laundering use case.

Fraud detection, prevention, and reporting solutions are long overdue for an upgrade—the era of “T+X days” systems will be upended before long. Attend this webinar to ensure you stay in touch with the latest innovations.


  • Abhishek Mehta, Director of Sales Engineering, TigerGraph