Graph Gurus 30: Using Graph Algorithms for Advanced Analytics - Part 4 Similarity

Recorded March 4, 2020

Graph-based investigation often enables us to identify individuals who are of special interest, and their uniqueness is due in part to their pattern of interactions. For example:

  • A patient whose carepath journey leverages best-practices gained from using pattern matching algorithms that find similar issues among the data of 50 million patients
  • An individual who builds a successful portfolio by implementing actions recommended by similarity algorithms that find equivalent actions by successful investors
  • A participant in a criminal ring whose attempts at swindling are blocked by matching them to patterns of known fraudulent activity

Once you have identified such a pattern and a key individual, you want to search your data for similar occurrences. Similarity algorithms are the answer.

This webinar explores structural similarity algorithms which measure how similar are the patterns of interconnection of a given pair of entities. By watching this webinar you will:

  • See use cases where graph pattern and subgraph similarity are valuable
  • Weigh the pros and cons of different similarity algorithms
  • Be able to run and tailor GSQL graph algorithms


Dr. Victor Lee, Head of Product Strategy and Developer Relations