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Graph Gurus 25: Unleash The Business Value Of Your Data Lake with Graph Analytics 

Recorded December 4, 2019

“Hadoop is very easy to get data into, but very hard to get insights out of”, according to the CIO of a large enterprise.

It was just a few years ago that the excitement around the opportunities offered by data lakes peaked but, since that time, many companies have struggled to capitalize on the potential of data lakes to drive new value for their business. One of the key issues is the difficulty of being able to exploit the information contained in data lakes and use it for insights that inform strategy.

A new weapon is available for businesses wanting to accomplish more with Hadoop: native parallel graphs can reveal the connections across multiple domains and datasets in data lakes and provide powerful insights to deliver superior outcomes. In this webinar we will explain how native parallel graphs can analyze the information in data lakes to enable the following outcomes:

  • Recommending next best actions such as promoting a student loan to someone heading off to college, advocating life insurance to a newly married couple, and so on
  • Improving network utilization by analyzing petabytes of data collected from millions of IoT devices across a smart grid
  • Accelerating M&A activity by intelligently merging data lakes from multiple businesses.


  • David Ronald, Director of Product Marketing
  • David Schexnayder, Senior Sales Engineer