Graph Gurus 24: How to Build Innovative Applications with a Native Graph Database

Recorded Wednesday, November 20

In only two months since its launch, TigerGraph Cloud has received acclaim and gained 500+ subscribers. In addition to an intuitive experience for provisioning, creating and managing a native parallel graph, users have also highlighted the ease of building applications on top of the graph starter kits in TigerGraph Cloud - by simply using TigerGraph's RESTful endpoints. This innovative approach greatly reduces time to market for graph analytics in many key use case areas such as customer 360, entity resolution, fraud detection, machine learning, and recommendation engine. 

This Graph Gurus episode walks you through the development of a simple application based on the TigerGraph Cloud Customer 360 Starter Kit. Specifically, we will: 

  • Share the use case for the Customer 360 Starter Kit. 
  • Walk you through a step-by-step tutorial based on the sample dataset, the prepackaged GSQL queries, the GraphStudio UI flow from the Starter Kit, and the integration process with a simple front-end application.  
  • Demonstrate the end-to-end full stack application development based on TigerGraph Cloud. 


  • Emma Liu, Senior Product Manager
  • Duc Le, Software Engineer