Graph Gurus 23: Best Practices To Model Your Data Using A Graph Database

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Anyone about to create a graph database always begins by asking these questions: how do I design the schema and what are the best practices in using vertex and edge types to build a graph model?

A good graph schema design represents important relationships in a natural way, while also minimizing system resource consumption and enabling the best query performance. A schema should consider input data format and query use cases (workload).

This webinar shares our modeling experience when solving real-world customer challenges with  a graph database. We will cover a rich variety of best practices and show you:

  • What can be vertices and edges 
  • How to choose an edge type (undirected, directed, reversed)
  • How to decide between attributes or vertices
  • How to model temporal data
  • How to model multiple events and/or /transactions between two entities
  • How to use derived edges to speed up queries 
Xinyu Chang, Director of Solution Team
Victor Lee, Head of Product Strategy and Developer Relations