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Graph Gurus Episode 22: Guard Against Cyber Security Threats with a Native Parallel Graph Database

Recorded Wednesday, November 6 

Cyber security attacks are showing no signs of slowing down. For hackers, the opportunities for disruption are increasing exponentially, along with the potential rewards: at one end of the scale, you have “script kiddies” hoping for a modest payday from unleashing some ransomware on a single computer; at the other, there are “state-sponsored” hackers, who’ve switched to cybercrime as a method of war, viewing it as “cheaper, faster and easier than traditional conflict.

A new weapon in the struggle against cyber security is now available. Graph analytics offer exciting possibilities for an organization to develop an intelligent approach to securing its IT environment with data-driven analytics.  

By watching this webinar you will learn how to:  

  • Detect and mitigate attacks against a firewall with unprecedented accuracy
  • Identify and block devices used in denial of service attacks
  • Build “footprint” profiles that can be used for machine learning.
  • Xinyu Chang, Director of Customer Solutions
  • Victor Lee, Director of Product Marketing