Graph Gurus Episode 18: Entity Resolution with a Native Parallel Graph Database

Recorded September 11, 2019 

This is the 18th episode that continues TigerGraph's Graph Guru series, a free educational webinar series for developers and data scientists.

The data in databases can give a misleading or fragmented view of the real world. You might appear multiple times within the same database, due to typos, name changes, or on purpose -- but there's only one You. If we try to merge two databases, how do we match entities, when the ID systems might be different or contain errors?

Entity Resolution helps you get to the truth: to detect which data entities refer to the same real-world entity, and then to link or merge them together. Entity Resolution is an essential data quality tool for businesses to build Customer 360, to see the full customer journey, and to make the right recommendations. Entity Resolution is vital for law enforcement to uncover criminal activity and the perpetrators. Graph databases are especially good at identifying, linking and merging entities, by seeing duplicate or similar attributes and relationships.

Using TigerGraph Cloud, this Graph Gurus episode demonstrates the power of a graph database and analytics for performing entity resolution.  In this episode, we:

    • Share real-world use cases for entity resolution across media, internet, eCommerce, infomediary, security and transportation industries 
    • Present a graph solution to perform entity resolution using GSQL
    • Review multiple real-life business solutions to see the entity analytics by TigerGraph and GSQL in action


  • Dr. Victor Lee, Director of Product Management / Emma Liu, Product Manager
  • Xinyu Chang, Solutions Leader