Graph Gurus Episode 17: Seven Key Data Science Capabilities Powered by a Native Parallel Graph 

Recorded August 21, 2019 
This is the 17th episode that continues TigerGraph's Graph Guru series, a free educational webinar series for developers and data scientists.

Gartner estimates that the graph database and analytics market will grow 100% annually from 2019 to 2022. That kind of explosive growth begs the question - what’s new? Many data scientists understand the key use cases powered by a graph database - such as fraud detection, recommendation engine, AI and machine learning, and customer 360. But what are the foundational capabilities delivered by this transformational technology?

This webinar will demonstrate seven key data science capabilities using TigerGraph’s intuitive GUI, GraphStudio and GSQL queries. In this episode, we:

  • Share the capabilities and tie those to specific use cases across healthcare, pharmaceutical, financial services, Telecom, Internet and government industries.
  • Walk you through a sample dataset, GraphStudio UI flow, and GSQL queries demonstrating the capabilities.
    Cover client case studies for Amgen, Intuit, China Mobile, Santa Clara County, and other enterprise customers


  • Victor Lee, Director of Product Management
  • Gaurav Deshpande, Vice President of Marketing