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Visualizing Bitcoin Blockchain with tigergraph
RECORDED Thursday May 16, 2019 at 11:00 am pST
This is the 13th episode that continues TigerGraph's Graph Guru series, a free educational webinar series for developers and data scientists.

The Bitcoin blockchain network is naturally a graph and the data grows continuously as more transactions occur and new addresses are created. With TigerGraph, you can load and explore blockchain data quickly and come up with rich graph insights from the public bitcoin dataset. TigerGraph has been used by many financial institutions for Anti-Fraud and Anti-Money Laundering, and can be extremely helpful for combating illegal activities in bitcoin transactions as well.

This Graph Gurus episode walks through how the bitcoin graph schema is designed, and how bitcoin data are loaded into TigerGraph. Kafka Loader, a TigerGraph v2.3 feature, can be used to import the data, making it easier for the data loading process.  In this episode, we will:

  • Present how we designed the graph schema, parsed and imported the dataset, and explored the bitcoin dataset through GraphStudio and GSQL queries
  • Demo the imported bitcoin dataset and explore various interesting historical transactions and addresses through GraphStudio and GSQL queries.


Sai Sameer Pusapaty, Sophomore, MIT (Extern at TigerGraph)

Benyue (Emma) Liu, Senior Product Manager, TigerGraph