TigerGraph: Enterprise Graph 

Database and Analytics Platform

Watch an overview of the TigerGraph graph database and analytics platform that enables businesses to transform structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data and massive enterprise data silos into an intelligent interconnected data network, allowing them to uncover the implicit patterns and critical insights to drive business growth. 

Learn the key advantages of the platform, including:

  • Fast data loading
  • High-performance parallel execution of graph algorithms
  • Real-time capability for streaming updates and inserts using REST
  • A unified environment for both real-time analytics and large-scale offline data processing
  • Complete high-level SDK with intuitive visualization product with an SQL-like graph query language
  • How our large enterprise customers in telecom and finance industries are using the platform to dramatically improve their business outcome.

Recorded: January 17, 2018 

SPEAKERS: Victor Lee, Director of Product Management, TigerGraph

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About TigerGraph Enterprise Graph

TigerGraph is the world’s first Real-Time Graph Analytics Platform powered by Native Parallel Graph (NPG) technology. TigerGraph fulfills the true promise and benefits of the graph platform by supporting real-time deep link analytics for enterprises with complex and colossal amounts of data. TigerGraph’s proven technology is used by customers including Alipay, VISA, SoftBank, State Grid Corporation of China, Wish and Elementum.


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Redwood City, CA 94065


“TigerGraph's speed, scalability and graph model have enabled many applications for us that we previously thought were overly challenging."

Jack Xie

Head of Data at Wish.com