“Using graph-based (machine learning) features, our model shows an amazing improvement in detecting 50% more risk events (fraud) and also improving model precision by 50% (false positives) at the same time.“

Uri Lapidot, Senior Product Manager, Intuit


Using Graph To Boost AI

As part of Intuit’s transformation to an AI-driven Expert Platform company, the Risk and Fraud team relies heavily on graph-based technologies to prevent fraud at scale. One of the challenges we were facing is how to integrate Machine Learning with Graph Databases for a Graph-based AI approach. In this talk, we will share Intuit’s Fraud and Risk Platform’s mission and architecture, the role Graph plays in our end-to-end solution, as well as techniques for Data Scientists to develop, test, and integrate graph-based features with AI models.

  • Uri Lapidot, Senior Product Manager, Intuit

Download the session slides here.