Scale Your Interactive Graph Visualizations With GPUs, Design, And Low-Code

Leo Meyerovich, Founder, Graphistry, Inc.

Analysts need to answer questions about the relationships in relentlessly growing datasets. The good news is that new graph databases like TigerGraph can now store and query over massive data volumes. Unfortunately, traditional visual graph analysis tools crash browsers when working with modern query result sizes. To enable analysts to tap into the new possibilities, Graphistry has been combining scalable information design with scalable GPU computing. The result is upgrading analyst experiences from KB/s to GB/s, and advancing them from an ant's eye view to a hawk's. We'll use demos ranging from security and fraud to misinformation and genomics, and from simple regex to modern ML, to go over how we scale visual performance and visual design. Each will highlight where analysts are putting this power to use. Critical to bringing these abilities to analysts across an organization, we'll also discuss how to accessibly deploy them through self-serve no-coding and low-coding tools.

Download the session slides here.

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