“Graphs are great for AML (Anti-Money Laundering) & KYC (Know Your Customer) as they are purpose-built for answering questions about connectivity between entities. This is especially useful when complying with AML & KYC regulations and establishing a company's ultimate beneficial owner (UBO), as hierarchies can often run up to 10 levels deep.”

Open Data & Graph Analytics for Risk Management and Compliance

Farley Mesko, CEO, Sayari Labs

Financial institutions and multinationals are facing increased scrutiny of customers, counterparties, and suppliers by regulators, law enforcement, and the public. Graph technology can help these enterprises combine their own internal data with authoritative open data to increase corporate transparency and comply with key KYC, AML, Sanctions, and supply chain regulations. Case studies will include financial crime analysis and investigations in major money centers like the UK and higher-risk jurisdictions like China.

Download the session slides here.

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