“TigerGraph reached up to 1.5 million created nodes per second, while for Neo4j that number stopped at 22,000 nodes per second and degraded over time.”


Leverage Graph Data to Detect Fraud in Real-time

Hiep Doan, Software Engineer, GoJek 

Xie Wei, Data Scientist at Gojek

Gojek is a leading on-demand platform and a pioneer of the multi-service ecosystem model, with 2 million registered driver-partners and 500,000 GoFood merchants as of Q4 2020. As a part of this session, Gojek's data engineering team shared the architectural considerations for building a real-time fraud detection solution, along with multiple options considered including Apache Fink, RedisLabs, and graph databases. Gojek team also presented high-level results for evaluating leading graph databases, TigerGraph and Neo4j, and what were the key factors driving the final selection for the fraud detection use case.

Download the session slides here.

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