Integrating Graph with Snowflake Data Warehouse

Xinyu Chang, Director Customer Solutions, TigerGraph

Rayees Pasha, Product Management, TigerGraph

TigerGraph can extend the data analytic capability of the data warehouses and databases by introducing the power of graph analytic and discovering hidden insights from the relationship data. As a first step, it is crucial to building a pipeline to ingest the data from varieties of the data source to TigerGraph.  In this session, we will demo a Spark based Snowflake connector. Spark is one of the most popular data processing engines that has been adopted by most of the big data owners. With Spark as the center of the TigerGraph connector, connectors to different data platforms can be easily plugged in. Today we start with a Snowflake connector to demo the performance of distributed data loading and the ease of use process.

Download the session slides here.

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