Improving Insurance Claims and Underwriting with Graph

John Standish, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Infinilytics, Inc. and Ramaswamy Venkateshwaran, CTO at Infinilytics Inc.

Artificial intelligence-generated insights for insurance claims and underwriting bring fast lighting results for claims examiners and underwriting risk analysts. Infinilytics’ solution, Charlee, utilizes machine learning, NLP and graph technologies to mine insights hidden in the unstructured text within insurance policy and claim files. Charlee enables users to make better-informed decisions to settle the claim and reduce costs associated with the claim. Risk analysts benefit from Charlee’s insights by being able to better manage and reprice risk, reduce adverse selection, and ultimately reduce the number of claims by as much as five percent. The Charlee Insurance Insights Engine is the first of its kind for claims and underwriting.

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