“We would like to use our current technology and build on top of it. We are utilizing Snowflake and our SQL systems and bolt on [TigerGraph] to make our lives easier and provide much better insights.” 

Sharat Endapally, Data Engineering Manager, Exact Sciences

Increase Market Share and Profitability with Graph-based Doctor-and-Product 360

Scott Heath, VP, Expero
Sharat Endapally, Data Engineering Manager, Exact Sciences

The life sciences industry is increasing its focus on product innovation that increases revenue velocity. New solutions take advantage of the ability to identify positive customer journeys with more specific attributes, intervene sooner with prescriptive outcomes and positive programs, and apply marketing best practices. This session will present a customer case study and provide a live demonstration of a Doctor-and-Product 360 application built using TigerGraph’s graph database and key algorithms and Customer 360 toolkit.

Download the session slides here.

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