Million Dollar Challenge Winners Announcement & Cool Project Highlights

The Graph for All Million Dollar Challenge was the most ambitious contest of its type. The goal of the contest was to bring some of the best minds together to solve crucial problems—and provide contestants with an opportunity to share $1,000,000 in cash prizes. Over 1,500 people participated in the contest, using graph technology in a variety of innovative and fascinating applications.

The million-dollar prize purse is divided into 15 prizes that include a Grand Prize, Women Who Graph prize, and a Most Popular prize. There are also three prizes in each of the four judging categories: Most Impactful, Most Innovative, Most Ambitious, and Most Applicable. 

Join this session, which begins with Dr. Yu Xu, TigerGraph’s CEO and Founder, sharing about the 100+ entries and finding out who won! Then after all 15 winners are announced, Navira Abbasi, Community Strategic Growth Manager at TigerGraph, will host a Q&A with six cool challenge projects from around the globe that use graphs to solve real-world problems.


  • Yu X, CEO at TigerGraph
  • Navira Abbasi, TigerGraph