How To Cultivate and Grow Diverse Senior Technical Talent

Less than 5% of women today are getting senior technical positions such as CTO. Alaina Percival, the Co-Founder and CEO of Women Who Code, saw a massive opportunity to build a community designed for women pursuing technical careers. What started as a small group in San Francisco has now grown to a thriving global community of 250,000 women engineers, product managers, data scientists, architects and much more and has become a beacon for women developers around the world to network, hone their skills and advance their careers.

Come join this fireside chat with Alaina to learn how you can cultivate your talent pool. She will talk about what it takes to go from being a software engineer and making it to the highest level. 


  • Tish Looper, VP Customer Success at TigerGraph
  • Alaina Percival, CEO at Women Who Code