How are business leaders implementing digital transformation?

Digital transformation has the potential to change the way businesses operate. According to a study by McKinsey & Company, “93 percent of executives believe that digital is critical to achieving their strategic goals.” Yet, even though organizations have been digitizing for decades, digital transformation is still relatively new. 

Key digital technologies, such as automation, artificial intelligence, advanced analytics are constantly evolving. Against this background, corporations need to fundamentally rethink their organizational setup and embed digital in their DNA in order to remain competitive and reap the benefits of emerging technological opportunities.

Attend this panel to hear experts from Capgemini, Infosys, and Morrisons describe the new opportunities offered by digitization and how to master the challenges that come with them. 


  • Chris Preimesberger, Editor/writer at VentureBeat/ZDNet
  • Peter Laflin, Head of Insight & Performance at Morrisons
  • Uttam Purushottam, Senior Principal, Infosys Consulting
  • Sankar Krishnan, Executive Vice President, Head of Digital Assets & Fintech at Capgemini