Graph Analytics: The Missing Link in the Cybersecurity and Risk Battle 

Graph analytics can help Chief Information Security Officers do more to understand and root out undetected advanced persistent threats in context. In an era in which there is no more "behind the firewall," our panel will address the following questions, and more:

  • How are leading-edge companies doing more to protect themselves against the new array of emerging enemies on the attack, including state actors, ransomware rings, synthetic identity fraud, SMShing vectors, and more?
  • How are leading-edge companies doing more to leverage graph analytics to holistically correlate all security events across the various SIEM/XDR/SOAR cybersecurity silos and overcome "alert fatigue" in their security and network operations centers?
  • What is the breakthrough business value that graph analytics can bring to support the array of cybersecurity, anti-fraud, and anti-money laundering teams fighting a war without a coordinated strategy, people, processes, and technology?


  • Jon Swartz, Senior Reporter at MarketWatch
  • Dimitri McKay, CISO Whisperer at Splunk
  • Utpal Mangla, General Manager, Industry EDGE Cloud; IBM Cloud Platform at IBM
  • Michael Shaler, VP of Business Development at TigerGraph
  • David Braun, Senior Sales Engineer at TigerGraph