Graph + AI Developer Day - Introduction to TigerGraph & Visualization

Graph + AI Developer Day - October 14th, 2021

TigerGraph out of the box comes with native support of REST endpoint which makes extracting data from TigerGraph as simple as a REST call. This session highlights the extensibility of those REST endpoints by integrating with popular visualization packages, tools, and frameworks you can use when putting a front end together with TigerGraph. This includes: -TigerGraph Plotly / Dash Toolkit -Graphistry Integration -Visualization Components (D3, Cytoscape, etc..) You will leave this session with sample projects that you could implement after the workshop on TigerGraph Cloud. Also, will be connected to the Developer Community to get support from TigerGraph Developers and Engineers.

  • Shreya Chaudhary, TigerGraph & Advit Deepak, TigerGraph