Graph + AI Industry and Partner Day - Master Data Lineage with TigerGraph

Healthcare and Life Sciences - October 15th, 2021
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Data volume processed and analyzed in organizations is growing exponentially every day; this increases the importance of having the correct view of data and analytics assets within analytics platforms. The democratization of data has helped increase the complexity of analytics platforms. The correct data governance framework with minimal human input tracking all data sets and their dependencies is needed now more than ever. The exponential increase in data volume and democratization increases complexity in data frameworks: data sources, data objects, analytics assets, and dependencies between them. Many organizations face the challenge of tracking the data life cycle from sources to the targets and getting a complete view. To address these challenges, we built an in-house framework tracking data end to end using Apache Spark (utilizing Spline + ArangoDB), MySQL, and TigerGraph. Follow us in our journey to create an automatic Data Lineage framework.


  • Vicente Rueben Del Pino Ruiz - UnitedHealth Group
  • Tomasz Krol - UnitedHealth Group