Human and Machine Collaboration: The Future of Medical and Commercial Engagement in Life Sciences

Graph + AI Summit Industry and Partner Day on October 15, 2021

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The future of work involves human and machine collaboration. We are entering an era in which machines (AI) will provide meaningful insights more readily than our most trusted and esteemed human colleagues. Companies such as Facebook, Netflix, Spotify, Google, Amazon, TikTok, etc. are leveraging AI to enable new modes of engagement, create new experiences, and change the way content is consumed. The new engagement models are fundamentally reshaping consumer expectations. Life Sciences companies need to account for this new norm and reimagine how they engage with key constituents. This PoV highlights the factors which are core to human and machine-based engagement models.


  • Robert Eubanks - Infosys
  • Emily Storer Meyer - Infosys
  • Claudia Maurer - Infosys
  • Shipra Rastogi - Infosys