Connecting Data and Adapting to an Uncertain World 

 Companies are faced with unprecedented uncertainty, and must make decisions daily to navigate changing economic and political conditions. Business is no longer about long-range forecasts and annual planning yet many company processes are geared to this cadence. When energy prices spike, a city goes into lockdown, or even just when there’s a shortage of containers in a supplier port, companies need to make decisions quickly to adapt. They have to bring together skills and knowledge, be creative, evaluate alternatives, decide which one is best, and pivot. To do this they need to connect data across domains and that data must be accessible, reliable, contextual and flexible. Conventional data thinking, with inflexible structures, dubious reliability and siloed storage fails in this fluid environment. It takes too long to get the data and hard to know what it means when you do. 


  • Harry Powell, Head of Industry Solutions at TigerGraph
  • Stijn (Stan) Christiaens, Co-founder & Chief Data Citizen at Collibra
  • Antoine Amend, Sr Director - Financial Services at Databricks
  • Simon Walker, Managing Partner at Kubrick Group