AI and Graph in the Retail Industry

The retail industry has not historically been seen as an early adopter of new or emerging technologies. The pandemic has accelerated the technology and adoption mandate across all aspects of a retail operation, including customer 360 & marketing, supply chain, and adapting to services-oriented disruptions in the retail ecosystem.

Inflation, the ongoing pandemic, and other macro-economic forces, along with rapidly changing technology, has intensified an already disrupted retail landscape. Retailers are looking at how artificial intelligence, data strategy & management, and graph can improve effectiveness throughout the value and operational ecosystem. Legacy solutions and infrastructure are no longer able to keep up with the volume and types of available data. In addition, analyzing data with a different toolset is table stakes versus “nice to have in the future.”

Attend this panel to hear experts from Google Cloud - Retail & CPG, Capgemini, and Reltio speak about adoption and demand, strategy, and how graph technology can evolve industry and enterprises and create new and additional business value.


  • Deena Lawrence, Director of Retail & CPG Industry Solutions at TigerGraph
  • Dinand Tinholt, VP of Insights & Data, Retail/Consumer Goods at Capgemini
  • Manish Sood, Chief Technology Officer, Founder and Chairman at Reltio
  • Wei Manfredi, Chief Architect - Retail/CPG, Google Cloud at Google