Why Graph Database and Analytics Matters?

Gartner's press release identifies the top 10 data and analytics trends:  

  • Graph analytics is a set of analytic techniques that allows for the exploration of relationships between entities of interest such as organizations, people and transactions.
  • Graph analytics will grow in the next few years due to the need to ask complex questions across complex data, which is not always practical or even possible at scale using SQL queries.
  • Through 2022, the application of graph processing and graph databases will grow at 100% annually to accelerate data preparation and integration, and enable more adaptive data science.

Gartner Identifies Cool Vendors in Data Management

“Augmented capabilities are becoming the major differentiators for today’s data management solutions. These Cool Vendors offer data and analytics leaders ways to connect, ingest, analyze and share data more quickly and at a lower cost.” according to Gartner Research. 

Gartner identified four vendors in its Cool Vendors in Data Management report - the Cool Vendors are Cincy, CluedIn, Inzata, and TigerGraph.  

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